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OK. I admit it. This post’s title is quite unoriginal (once the Caesar shift has been applied). However, as ubiquitous as it is, my goal is to have it fit perfectly to this site. While I obviously hope this site is interesting and useful to existing puzzlers, a potentially bigger goal is to bring puzzling to the world that hasn’t seen it before. A world that doesn’t even realize how much it wants puzzling in their lives!

Certainly, thousands of people have enjoyed puzzles and hunts provided by the amazing puzzlers in various “game” communities that already exist. My involvement with Different Area Same Hunt (DASH) has allowed me to see firsthand the puzzle-writing talent that exists and the growing desire for more puzzles!

I optimistically created this website as an avenue for me to provide access to puzzles that I have written. A small corner of the puzzling universe that I hope reaches people that rarely get to see these types of puzzles.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the many puzzlers that have created games, written puzzles and made it very easy for me to find my passion for puzzling. Naturally, I cannot name everyone – so, to those in the puzzling community reading this: thank you!

In fact, as an homage to one of the many people that brought me into the puzzling world, I have embedded a puzzle in this post using a mechanism of one the first puzzles I ever solved. If you solve it – feel free to submit a solution. You can also check out the list of solvers.

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