Dr. Bob

Bob Schaffer is an educator (and former professor), an engineer and an avid puzzler. He has been solving puzzles his whole life and has been writing puzzles for others to solve since 2005. In increasing order of scope, Dr. Bob has written puzzle hunts for his family at the holidays, for his friends for their birthday, for guests at his wedding, for his students during a cross-college extracurricular competition, for the Bay Area, California game community through BANG 25 and BANG 33 and for puzzlers across the nation through DASH 2, 3 and 4.

Through the Bay Area puzzle-hunt community, Bob has played in over 50 puzzle hunts, including 18 overnight puzzle hunts and has organized (or helped organize) 8 puzzle hunts.

While he is not a medical doctor, the “Dr.” is earned, as Bob received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2009. He currently works full time as a senior research engineer at SRI International and moonlights as the president and lead trainer of Elevate Tutoring where he provides tutor training and tutoring opportunities to financially under-resourced college students. He is looking forward to developing this website as a means to bring his puzzles and puzzle hunts to a larger audience.