Elevate Tutoring Puzzle Hunt 2 is a puzzle hunt being held for charity. Like last year’s event, all proceeds support the Elevate Tutoring Tutor Training Scholarship program. The event will be held in three forms: a full day walk-around adventure, a half day walk-around adventure and an online puzzles-only hunt. A summary of the important details are provided in the table below, with more questions answered below the table.

Full Game Half Game Online Game
WHERE Santa Clara, CA (specific location TBD) Anywhere with an internet connection
DATE Saturday, November 2, 2013 On or after Saturday, August 10, 2013
Check-in will begin 30 minutes before start time
10am-8pm 10am-3pm or 3pm-8pm 10am or after
COST: HUNT ONLY (fairly minimal donation)
Anyone wishing to play in the hunt for this cost can do so. You can self-select yourself into this group for any reason you’d like – no questions asked. Are you a student or otherwise financially constrained? No problem. Are you new to puzzle hunts and can’t justify the higher cost – fine by us. Are you skeptical about the hunt justifying the higher cost – problem solved! Honestly, I get it and I understand that not everyone is supportive of a higher-cost fundraiser-driven puzzle hunt. And, I honestly don’t want that to stop you from joining the fun!!! If $40 is still too high – sign up anyway and we’ll work something out!
$40 per person $30 per person $40 per team (~$10 per person)
COST: HUNT with full requested donation
Anyone that has the means and doesn’t fall into the above self-selected group is politely asked to make a larger donation. Any of the original three levels ($80, $120, or $160) or more would be very much appreciated. Thank you! You will receive a tax donation receipt for a majority of your contribution.
$80+ per person $50+ per person $80 per team ($15-$20 per person)

Duration: Clue sites will likely close at 8pm. Faster teams will likely finish the full hunt as early as 3-4pm. If you are concerned with the duration, you can take hints at your own pace to tailor the event to your liking or participate online at your own pace or even enter the half-day event.

Team size: 3-5 people is optimal and preferred.

What you should bring: Comfortable walking attire, sunscreen, water and emergency rain gear. Standard equipment includes paper, pens/pencils/highlighters, scissors, scotch tape, clipboards and flashlights. Internet access will help with some of the puzzles, but is not necessarily required. This particular hunt also requires a computer that can play MP3s.

Food: We will not be providing snacks or drinks throughout the day – so, you should plan on being self-sufficient. Puzzle locations near restaurants will be used to allow for meal-based solving.

Registration info: The team registration form is open.

Payment: Emails will be sent to applicants to clarify how to make payments.

More questions: Email drbobspuzzles at gmail for more information.

There are no hidden puzzles on this page.