A Special Announcement: ETPH3

Elevate Tutoring and Dr. Bob’s Puzzles are expecting…


It’s A Hunt!
Name: ETPH3 – Zara’s Big Adventure
Due Dates: 1/31 and 2/8 and NOW 3/8
Expected Time: 9am (full-day ’til 7pm or half-day ’til 2pm);
Location: Foster City, CA

We’d love for you to join us for our special day! I’ll leave the registration page open – but, for now, treat it as a way to simply let me know you are interested and you can put your vote for possible days in. You can do that here: Team Registration Form.

Break the 4th wall:
What is a Walk-Around Puzzle Hunt?

ETPH3 Teams

ETPH3 Results

ETPH3 FAQ (more details)

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